Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sarcophagy - Cut to pieces demo 1995

In honor of how fuckin stoked I am for the new Sarcophagy album coming out heres a shot off the old cut to pieces demo 1995 as well as a shot off the NEW album ''The summoning''.

On another note: Ive had some good beers lately heres a few that you MUST try....
 Russian rivers supplication is an awesome sour. I had it in bottle at a local pub and god damn its sour. very very good. Has a wine like character to it. Its a sipper, but if you like sours you will definitely enjoy its complex structure. 
 Russian rivers Damnation is an awesome take on a blonde ale/Belgian style. I was impressed with the clean finish and peppery spice present. it wasn't overpowering just very drinkable and refreshing. highly recommended 
Here we go. This years 2012 Stone barley wine is awesome as always. hoppy, malty yet drinkable. I recently got my hands on a 2010 stone barley wine and drank it while i was camping. I was amazed at how well it aged. sure the hop character had mellowed waaaay down. But so did the alcohol. it was 11% yet it drank like a 6% IPA. VERY smooth. This beer ages well. although I would recommend aging it a little less than 2 years just because i love the hops! 

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Reginald said...

Doctor told me I gotta stop drinking or my heart'll explode. He didn't say I couldn't BANG MY HEAD LIKE A BAD BASTARD MOTHERFUCKER MAN, though. Naturally, I'll be picking of Sarcophagy's latest when I get the resources.