Sunday, May 13, 2012


I have a hard time sleeping at night most nights. I use my galactic android telephone/music player Samsung droid charge device to sooth the mind into suspended sensory activity. some nights the mind prefers instrumentals, other nights stubbornly rejects music all together calling for George Carlin, Bill hicks or Mitch Hedberg on low volume. If all else fails, an episode on Netflix of south park, futurama or an equally satisfying show will have to do. You never know.

Here is a list in no particular order of the most important tools (bands,comedians,cheap sound fx) ive used over the past year to pass out to....

Warhorse - As heaven turns to ash
For a long time This album was medicine to me. I would take it every night, let it run through my veins and occasionally awake to its heavier moments. I truly thank these guys for helping me sleep many of times!

To riff a man to sleep is defenitly an art. I have found this album to be an adventure in man sleep art.

Yawning man - Rock Formations
Desert rock. 


Reginald said...

Om is another good band to doze off to. It's the drummer and bassist/singer from Sleep, playing some largely trance inducing stuff. I don't think I could sleep to Carlin or Hicks, it gets me worked up.

That man sleep art line was a stroke of genius, by the way.

bloodler said...

thanks reg! im gonna have to put OM to the test!